We want to offer you an exclusive service …

The Royal Service of Royaume des Fleurs is an exclusive service that offers luxury in this segment. This service includes a butler who can deliver your gift in style at any time, at any desired address.


Why The Royal Service?

The Royal Service adds more luxury to your gift, with the stylish, careful and fast delivery to the desired address. This makes your gift even more exclusive.


The service

Exclusive deliveries to your loved ones, relations and VIP customers at a high quality level. We have a certified driver with vehicle.


Special occasion

Is it someone’s birthday or another special occasion? Let us know! We will inform our butler. We will provide your gift with a personal card.



Below you can send your request. Select your desired date and the time for delivery. Then enter your personal details. If you have sent your request you will receive a free quote within 1 working day.